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The gamma ray burst and neutron stars.

By Yash Goel

The garma ray bust is one of the most dangerous everts of this is also one of the brightest incident that would happened in this entire universe.

Usually we hear the word gamma in the movies of marvel where a normal person name Bruse banner came in the connect of gamma rays and became a very powerfull monster superhero ( HULK)

This is all frictional gamma rays are much different than that they are Very harmful and could finish the life on earth in few seconds.

Haw are gamma ray burst are produce .

Gamma rays are produce by the two events :-

1-) when the two neutron stars are came in the connect to each other they form a massive black hole and with the formation of black holes the gamma rays are released.

2-) when a black hole come in the contect of a neutron stars than they start swelling them like the other object and produces a gamma rays.

It both the cases the gamma rays produce are same and of equal power. The gamma rays is the most brightest events of this universe. It is also one of the most power full forces of universe a single gamma ray Burst if happened near 100 light years towards our planet would totally destroyed our planet within few seconds

What if gamma rays strike our planet.

Scintistist beleive that one such gamma ray had striked the earth earlier also it was back in about 45 billion year ago. Which totaly destroyed the life on earth if one such gamma ray strikes the earth ones again than the results would be some as earlier became we have no such technology that would protect us from this gamma rays. Although if such incidents happened then the satellites informed much earlier but we can’t do any thing to protect our selves from this rays .

Nutron starts

When a average level sun bigger than our sun finish up with his fuel than they from a nutron star.

In all starts the process of neuclear fussion occuress in which two hydrogen atom are combined to form a helium atom with a lot of energy . In normal stars the hydrogen would convert in helium but in big starts due to the fusion the helium would fuse to form Corban and than recation Continues to from iron in the end and iron didnot fuse to any other components due to this reaction which occures inside the core of the sun the core of the sun became heavier and when the sun finishes up his fuel it became unstable for the sun’s gravitational field to hold and exploded in the form of Supernova.

Supernova resulted in the formation of a small object know as neutron starts which is about 25km in radius but have a extremely high density and magnetic field . This small object would alos have a mass thrice our sun and have 100 million times stronger magnatic field than our sun. These stars also rotate at a rapid rate a emit a large amount of radiation buring rotating due to this resons this is also called as a pulser.

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Is there is any life after death.| Why there is a mention about hell or heaven in almost all mythological books.

In most of the major religions of the world it is mentioned that after the death of an individual he/she may goes to the hell or to the heaven based on the karma he/she did in there entire life.Majority of the people believe in it . But science have a different opinion science totally denied this. Because science works on the principals of facts, proves and expariments and we can’t find any in this case .But science have a theory about this which says……..

Pscylological scientific facts about hell or heaven……

In all the holy books around the World it is mentioned that after death, person’s karma will determined his future in the frant of the is also predefined that Hell is a vary dark and dangerous place full of evils. After death, person who did a lot of crime and spread negativity in the society goes there. evil punishes them for all the bad karma he/she did in there entire life.

On the other hand people who passes there life with good karma and spread there good thoughts in the society will go in heaven which is considered as a beautiful place where people may might meet the all mighty.

These thoughts written in the holy book make the pscycological effect on the people which effect them and incourage to do good work. People believe that if they ever do a bad karma he/she have to face the evil and can neven be able to meet the almighty.This fear help in making a good society for the early times. This all is the reality of hell and heaven.

So what happened after death…

Scientifically speaking after the death of an individual his all matabolic reactions stops and before that death persons mamorisies all its mamories of his entires life and then goes unconscious.scientist belives that death is a permanent stop to our life and there would be no thing after death.

Although after knowing very thing we would say that there would be no life after death.but we still our nothing in front of the nature and we still have no idea what wonders nature can do so we can say any thing on the existence of life after death may be it’s happened beyond our knowledge limits and we will never be able to know it…

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Amazing facts about Jagannath pure temple

By:- Yash Goel

Jagannath Puri temple is situated in india.In thr puri region in the state of odisha .it is a temple of lord sri krishna.More than 2000- 20000 people visited this temple all round the world every day. This temple is full of mysteries .Every one who visited it come in suprise to see the artitecture of the temple even toda , Science could not match this artitecture which was made in 12th century.some of the mistrious of this temple are as follows

Some amazing facts of this temples are.

1-) The flag on this temple is also flown in the opposite direction of wind

2-) The temple is located near a sea and the sound waves are easy heared all around the temple but strangely the cabin in which the statu of lord vajarnath is placed when is no such sound comes..

3-) Many visitors all around the world vist this temple every day . the visitor came between 2000-20000 daily . But The offerings ( parsad) which is made there is always is in some quantity but number of people various but then also the food is never became less for any people..

4-) Near the temple there is no big buliding and no such big construction. But strangely there is no shadow form of the temple. The artitecture of this temple is so much amazing that it won’t create any shadow.

5-) The flag of the temple is changed every day and it is believed that if any day the flag is not changed the temple could be closed from that day up to 18 years.

6-) In March 2020 the flag of the temple was strike by a thunderstorm and foll on the groud it was beleive that it is the worning of the lord and from that day only the cases of corona virus in india spread rapidly..

Why clouds before rain tuned black..🤔????

It can be simple explained by an example that if we put our hand in front of a bridge light due to the shadow it appears black this same reason is applied here....

We offer notice that the cloud which come just before rain are usually black in colour but the normal clouds are white in colour so why this happed . It happened because the white clouds have very little water in them and it allow full sun light to pass away from it. But during the time of rain the clouds got filled with water and it hardly allow sunlight to pass away from it. That’s why it appears black in colour

Intrestingly seeing these clouds from the above we find that these clouds are still white as the normal clouds look.


We also sometimes fell that these clouds are like cotton and may be very little in weight but it is not the truth the average weight of a normal size cloud is around more than 10000 plus kilograms which is more that that of 2 african elephants.

Titanoboa | The king of snakes | Main reason why it extinguished.

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Titanoboa is the one of the largest snake even life on this earth . It is one of the species of anaconda.but are extremely large than the normal anaconda which are found on earth now.

Titanoboa is around 45-48ft tall/long and his weight is approximately one tone. For our reference – a normal bus is around 40 ft and the bus weight is also approximately one tone which means this snake is even bigger than the bus.

This snake exist 6 million year ago. In the dense tropical forest like in Amazon. At that time it would be at the top of the food chain no other animal would be able to kill him.scientist believe that the most dangerous dinosore that is triac X is also does not some in his region.because they also kill them and eat.

How this massive snake extingused..

Scientists believes that the change in the environment is one of the major region for this at a time when this snake lives on this earth the Average Temperature is around 32 degree Celsius. But over the time due to many ice ages which came on the earth the average temperature of the earth decrease and because 16 degree Celsius . As the sankes are cold blooded they does not adapt this rapid change in the temperature and got extingused.

But due to the global warming the average temperature of the earth is now start increasing again and if this may continue as same then a time will come when this large snake would again come in existence but this may take a vary long time..

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By Yash goel

Time Travel | Problem with Time Travel | And Time Travel alternatives..

By Yash Goel

Time travel is one of the most fascinating frictional theroy. Making a time traveling machine is impossible today .but may be possible in can scientifically we can travel in time??

Many scientists have different theroies about this some believe that it is possible and we can able to do time travel. But some have different of the greatest scientists Steven hokens have a different view over it he have given a theroy which is khow as time paradox..

Time paradox…..

It says that if we go in the past and we kill ourselves in the past so there will be no future for then question arises from where we came from. Due to this paradox situation it is seems impossible to travel back In time.he also did a practical to demonstrate it he organised a party in which he invited people from the future in his party . But nobo dy cames in his party that’s shows that nobody will ever will able to go back in time

So can we do time travel

Travel in past is impossible so can we travel in future no such paradox situation arising in travel in future. There are various methods to do that and these methods are scientifically proven also…

By increasing speed

On increasing speed the time start slowling down it is also notice that in international space station which moves round the earth at a high speed have a time mile second more than the the atomic clock present in the earth. The atomic watch can give the most appropriate value of the time that up to 20 decimal places..

Near a black hole..

Every thing slows down near the the black hole the same case is with time also. If we spent some time near a massive black hole it will pass million of year on earth. But no such massive black hole are present near to us. One such massive black hole is present in the middle of our galaxy but we have no technology to reach there

Near a heavy object..

Near a heavy object the the time start flowing at a slower rate due to the large bend created by them.this look like this

This bend reduces the time but at a vert slow rate
A very slow change in time also be shown when we increase the altitude of the body with respect to the gravitational field.

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