5 Intesting facts about earth.| Amazing things about earth’s .

The only planet of the solar system where life can exist. We life on earth but there are many facts which we don’t know about our planet…

1-) Age of the earth

Age of the earth is about 4.54 million years. “”So you might have a question that how scientists have calculated this age””.??🤔.So scientists found it by the technic know as Radiometric dating from which we can find the age of any rock. The oldest rock is found to be 4.54 million year old so this is consider as the age of the earth..

2-) Temperature of the earth..

The average temperature of the earth is about 16° celsius but it various greatly in some regions of the earth.but on this earth there are some places also where the temperature is so different that no human can hardily survive there on such places in the Vastok station at Russia where the temperature reaches to minus 82 degree Celsius.on the other hand the death valley has a record of the highest temperature on the earth which is up to 55 degrees Celsius.

Vastok station.
Death valley

3-) The earth was Onces belived the center of the solar system..

The earth was ones believed to be the center of the earth and this model is know as geocentric model..

But later Nicolous Copernicus have present helico centric model in which earth and other planet was revolve around sun and later it was considered as the right model.but at his time no body would agree with him and he also got the punishment of death after he shown his model to the society. Because his model is against the religious books In which earth is mentioned as the center of the earth.later after more researches In the astronomical fields it was considered right model.

4-) Rotation of the earth is slowing down

Rotation of the earth is slowing down earth rotation is slowing down at a rate of 17 milli second per 100 years. Why is earth closing down..??🤔. It is slowing down because moon is moving away from earth at a rate of 3.78cm/year. If this content then we have 25 hours in a day after 100 millions years.

But this is surely doesn’t happen because there is some also due to which the earth speed is slowing down. That things is big Dams these big Dams directly effect the rotation of the earth and make it slower.

5-) Revolution of the earth is too fast….

Earth is revolution around the sun at the rate of 30 km per second which means we travel at the rate of 30 km per sec and we didn’t feel it.because earth is rotating is a smooth and in a continuation manner there is no jurks in between the part that’s why we didn’t feel any thing.

This is some thing very amazing because before you finish up the reading of this article you would have travel more than 1000+ km.

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